If you want to go to Rome and you do not know where to sleep … here is our choice: the Airstream!

Let’s start from the beginning: what is an Airstream? I admit it, before this holiday I did not know anything about #Airstream!!! So, what is an Airstream?

Well, before leaving I got informed and I discovered that the Airstream is the legendary American caravan in aluminum! Yes, it is the caravan that, in our imagination, runs through the great American roads in freedom: a new concept of travel but also (and above all) a new lifestyle.


The story of this product began in 1931 from the dream of Wally Byam to create a lightweight and aerodynamic caravan that would allow you to travel long tours in complete freedom. Did you know that

  • NASA uses Airstream to transport astronauts to the launch pad
  • Airstream, besides being extremely functional, is also very fashionable, and …. many Hollywood stars own it: Tom Hanks, Bradd Pitt, Jhonny Depp, Sandra Bullock own an Airstream!


That’s why we fell in love with the Airstream!

  • The Airstream for 2 or 3 people is perfect for all design lovers! The exterior is wonderful: a shiny aluminum structure that reflects the sun’s rays and the green of the surrounding environment. The interior has a lot of incredible details: the radio with the surrounding system, two skylights in the rooftop (the light enters directly from the top…fantastic!), th spotlights that allow you to create always different environments … suitable for the various hours of day ..I loved the soft lighting for evening relaxation!
  • The contact with nature and the feeling of freedom that you can also live from inside the caravan. Yes, because the walls of the Airstream, both in the living area and in the sleeping area, are totally made up of curvilinear windows. A real show. You will not believe it but …. I decided to devote a whole morning to total relaxation, in bed, reading a good book and admiring the wonderful nature that surrounded me … a fantastic feeling!
  • Fashion and modern design but also functional:
  • Living space with table, sofas and TV. The sofa can be transformed into a single bed
  • Functional kitchen with fridge, stove, sink and oven
  • Air conditioning system for perfect comfort both in summer and in winter. We tested it in the fall: the environment heats up quickly and keeps the temperature perfectly
  • Bathroom with toilet, sink and shower. I thought the shower cabin was tiny but it is not so, measuring 70X90 cm
  • The bedroom area has a large double bed surrounded by a wall of windows which makes the room super bright
  • External wooden veranda with table and chairs, perfect for summer and spring dinners. Unfortunately, since we went in the fall, in a period of bad weather, we could not test it
  • Outside there is a tent where the children can play or, for the bravest, sleep in it!

Here you can find more info about booking and prices


And if you have any other questions about this original location … write me!