Are you looking for free hot springs? Here you can find my top list with the best hot springs in Italy.

  1. Bagni San Filippo in San Filippo (Tuscany)
  2. Cascate del Mulino in Saturnia (Tuscany)
  3. Terme di Bormio (Lombardy)
  4. San Casciano (Tuscany)
  5. Fumarole of Ischia (Campania)


  1. Bagni San Filippo, San Filippo (Tuscany)

Tuscany is rich in thermal hot springs, the best ones? The Bagni San Filippo’s hot spring! The warm waters flow from the subsoil to more than 50 ° but the strength of this place is, in my opinion, the fantastic natural location with the White Whale, a colossal white limestone mass formed over the years thanks to the accumulation of the high amounts of limestone present in the thermal water that flows on the rocks … well, when you will come out of the pools ….you will be completely white … like a ghost!

If you want to know more here you can find my story with all the info on how to get there, where to sleep and other activities to do in the area!

  1. Cascate del Mulino, Saturnia (Grosseto)

Cascate del Mulino arte the most famous hot springs in Italy. They are beautiful but often very crowded so if you can, don’t go there on weekends. It is thermal waters that fall from a waterfall in many pools of various shapes and sizes … with a little luck you could find a totally free and have a personal moment of relaxation… like in a spa! There is also a free parking, a small bar (check, if you are interested, the opening hours on line) and some vending machines for food and drinks.

  1. Vasche di Leonardo or … the Baths of Bormio (Lombardia)

If you go in winter you may be lucky enough to lie in the boiling water surrounded by snow … an incredible sight! On the road to Livigno (starting from Bormio towards the Stelvio Pass) you will find a path closed to cars moving by walls decorated with graffiti, from this point you have to take a short and simple walk … and here you are at the magnificent puddle of Leonardo framed by the Alps!

  1. San Casciano (Tuscany)

The thermal pools of Bagni San Casciano are still those built and used by the Romans; these are three tanks, but only one is accessible for bathing. Keep in mind that it is forbidden to drive along the dirt road that leads to the thermal baths, so you have to do a stretch on foot.

  1. Fumaroles of Ischia (Campania)

Ischia is the island of the thermal baths, already known by the Romans for this characteristic, offers today many possibilities to enjoy the spas in expensive SPAs. If you are looking for free hot springs  …. go to the Fumaroles. With their volcanic origin, they are truly unique: the waters are warm, the same for the sand of the beach that can be hot in some places, so be careful! … that’s why many people come to make sandblasting as a therapy for rheumatic and joint pain! The beach is easily reachable in 10 minutes from the village of San’Angelo.